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Annexation + Boundaries


Annexation is the process through which properties outside the Town’s boundaries are incorporated as part of the Town. This process includes an application by property owners to the Town and a public hearing process where stakeholders can discuss the issue. Petitions for property to be annexed into the Town are often initiated by property owners and are generally started with the intent of receiving services.

Emerging Issues +
Anticipated Changes

  • Areas around the city are currently in Arizona to the south, various public lands, and other communities limit the ability of expansion of city boundaries.
  • The use of land will need to be carefully reviewed and considered for what type of future use will most benefit the community. This should be done with the surrounding jurisdictions.
  • Hildale has a large area of the town already within city boundaries. Growth may not expand at a pace to where services will reach the outer limits of the community during the duration of this community.
  • Including areas outside the town boundaries in future expansion and zoning future land use is helpful with other agencies that may currently own.

Potential Goals
+ Investments

  1. Maintain development practices that consider the health and the safety of all residents.
  2. Increase land use compatibility and predictability.
  3. Preserve the integrity of the city’s unique identity, by preserving signature natural features and sensitive lands including the Short Creek Wash, steep slopes, hillsides, and dry washes.
  4. Preserve access to important natural areas and public lands.
  5. Allow rural development, but preserve rights-of-way and policies that encourage connection to and the development of municipal services.
  6. Maintain a pedestrian-friendly setting for residential neighborhoods, shopping, and business districts.