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Services + Infrastructure


Hildale City shares many public services with Colorado City in order to meet the needs of residents within both communities. While the services as highlighted in the past general plan are generally reliable due to strong and capable leadership by those in the community. There will be facilities due to age or other reasons underperforming utilities and services that will need to be addressed in the future. The growth Hildale has experienced over the past ten years will also influence the capability and quality of services experienced.

Emerging Issues +
Anticipated Changes

  • Public services are always increasing in age and getting closer to need to be replaced. These are often expensive fixes even when split between two cities.
  • New water sources need to be developed in order to meet the future needs of a growing population.
  • Infrastructure will be a high priority for schools and businesses in the community as the internet becomes a necessity in both environments.

Potential Goals
+ Investments

  1. Provide reliable infrastructure and services.
  2. Keep household costs low with the efficient management and delivery of public infrastructure and services.