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Land Use


Land use zoning will impact the future growth of Hildale City. Taking the time to study the potential uses and what will generate the best value to the city will be the top priority of this chapter of the general plan.

Emerging Issues +
Anticipated Changes

  • Note that this section will be developed throughout the project.

Potential Goals
+ Investments

  1. Maintain development practices that consider the health and safety of all residents.
  2. Increase land use compatibility and predictability.
  3. Preserve the integrity of the city’s unique identity, by preserving signature natural features and sensitive lands including the Short Creek Wash, steep slopes, hillsides, and dry washes.
  4. Preserve access to important natural areas and public lands.
  5. Allow rural development, but preserve rights-of-way and policies that encourage connection to and the development of municipal services.
  6. Maintain a pedestrian-friendly setting for residential neighborhoods, shopping, and business districts.
  7. Design roadways that balance efficiency and safety.
  8. Reduce high speeds and traffic levels on local residential streets.