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Local Economy


A growing and diverse economy in Hildale will have a positive impact on residents and those in the region. Hildale is a community founded on the agricultural economy as were many rural towns across Utah. Since its founding, the economy has grown and diversified into multiple areas in an attempt to meet the needs of residents and those traveling through the area. While agriculture is still a prominent part of the economy, there have been major advancements in the fields of construction and manufacturing.

Emerging Issues +
Anticipated Changes

  • In recent years, there has been a shift in businesses within the community. New businesses are coming to the community, while an equal amount of businesses are closing down or relocating.
  • The local economy is primarily supported by the construction industry (having the highest wages). Educational services employ a high amount of employees as well.
  • Transportation will continue to be a major factor in the economy as citizens travel to the St. George area for work.

 Potential Goals
+ Investments

  1. Recognize residents as the community’s most valuable resource.
  2. Improve the community’s overall economic outlook.
  3. Encourage transparency in city government operations.
  4. Limit the negative impact of tourism such as traffic in residential neighborhoods, while capturing tourism expenditures from those who come to town.
  5. Maintain a close relationship with regional and county planning agencies.
  6. Create and maintain a broad-based economic vision that is compatible with the vision of this plan.
  7. Stimulate and diversify local retail offerings to reduce leakage.